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    In the family bible, of my Great-Great Grandfather Franklin and his wife Louisa (CHRIST) STAHLE, were the entries of the births of their eight children, all written in German, (most of them born in Pennsylvania),  I wondered where they originally came from and where they all ended up.   That is how I got started 19 years ago!
I have found so... many Surnames related to them and found out where they came from  I wanted to share what I found to make otherís research a little easier if at all possible!
Enjoy, and remember, there are always dates and places that need to be filled in, so donít hesitate to e-mail if you have something to add or change! 
  There are so many surnames mentioned in these family histories, take a little time to browse!  
My database is larger than what is published here, for privacy purposes I try to list only those up to the last turn of the century unless I know them to be deceased, if you find a link to your family please contact me for further information on your line. 
Hints on how to read these family histories.
Click on the link to major surname to the left, you will find a complete list of surnames related to it at the top of that page.
Everyone has a number. If there is a + to the left of the childrenís name where there is more information on that person, search for the number later in the publication. A number in parenthesis after a date or place ex.(125)  corresponds with the information source list.  

A list of my favorite sites and links to other related families.
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if you wish to report a broken link, please send an e-mail to Sasharysch@aol.com

List of SURNAMES Mentioned.
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Sherry Staley Harysch

E-mail: sasharysch@aol.com

7 December 2012

Text Box: Staley from PA and Related Families